Origin Skincare for Influenster

I got to try these products as a part of Influenster contest. And boy did I say how amazed I was!? People with oily skin like me would spend all their lives searching for a moisturizer that won’t be greasy, won’t make their face look more oily and most importantly keep the skin hydrated and... Continue Reading →


Bushkill Falls..

It's called as the Niagara of Pennsylvania: Bushkill Falls. It was one of the breathtaking moments of my life when I saw the beautiful Bushkill waters set loose on the rocks beneath. Wooded in the Pocono mountains, this waterfall gives it's view from different heights and angles through wooden staired arrangements. The waters are from... Continue Reading →

Loreal Paris Matte Addiction fever..

I received these babies from Influenster for free for testing purposes and no wonder they're so talked about! These lippies are an absolute wonder , give the desired matte finish. Initially I thought it's too dry but as the hours passed by, it becomes a bit soft. You can apply lip balm or something beforehand... Continue Reading →

Boardwalk in Atlantic City..

The weather was cloudy but that didn't stop me from getting clicked a zillion times and get some amazing pictures. I am wearing Guess's shoes which were ultra comfy even for the whole day on the boardwalk! Love my husband for being patient enough and taking my portrait shots. Sharing some of them. Keep blogging!... Continue Reading →

Dark is beautiful..

I am dusky, and I love it about myself. Right from my childhood, I have seen everyone giving importance to the complexion of a woman. We're advised from a very tender age not to go out in sun, else we'd bear a tan. "Don't drink tea, you'll become dark", "Apply turmeric , make a homemade... Continue Reading →

It’s a bright sunny day..

Every time my husband tells me, "Go get ready, we need to leave in 15 mins", I form a mental picture of my wardrobe. No matter how many clothes women possess, we always feel we have nothing appropriate to wear for the occasion. So I need to work really fast and decide what to wear... Continue Reading →

Paneer Butter masala

A delight for Vegetarians. Ingredients: Cottage Cheese (Paneer)(about 500 gms) Ginger paste( 1 teaspoon) Garlic paste( 1 tsp) Onion( chopped about 1 cup) Coriander powder(1tsp) Cumin powder(1 tsp) turmeric powder( 1 tsp) salt as per taste Everest Garam masala as per taste Everest Chicken masala (1 tsp)( Yes, the masala is vegetarian, don't worry! ;))... Continue Reading →

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