Boardwalk in Atlantic City..

The weather was cloudy but that didn't stop me from getting clicked a zillion times and get some amazing pictures. I am wearing Guess's shoes which were ultra comfy even for the whole day on the boardwalk! Love my husband for being patient enough and taking my portrait shots. Sharing some of them. Keep blogging!... Continue Reading →


Dark is beautiful..

I am dusky, and I love it about myself. Right from my childhood, I have seen everyone giving importance to the complexion of a woman. We're advised from a very tender age not to go out in sun, else we'd bear a tan. "Don't drink tea, you'll become dark", "Apply turmeric , make a homemade... Continue Reading →

It’s a bright sunny day..

Every time my husband tells me, "Go get ready, we need to leave in 15 mins", I form a mental picture of my wardrobe. No matter how many clothes women possess, we always feel we have nothing appropriate to wear for the occasion. So I need to work really fast and decide what to wear... Continue Reading →

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